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Hey! We are Isa and Paul, t curious minds currently residing in Germany.

Isa is from Spain, from the south, where there´s always sunshine and the life happens on the streets. She grew up in a little village from Andalusia, and got early interest on literature and art. Like most andalusians, she is funny and open, enjoys good food and wine with friends (and talking very loud).

Paul was born and raised in Berlin. If his political science studies taught him anything then it’s an abundance of cynicism.  He also is a passionate photographer and has been practicing Parkour since eight years. If you read something overtly complicated it’s by him, everything funny probably is from Isa.

Luckily we managed to find each other and realised how much we have in common, but our biggest similarity is our wish to travel. Right now we are in the early planning stage of our big around the world trip. Until then we will keep you entertained with excursions closer to home and Pauls bachelor project on Parkour, politics and photography.

This is not supposed to be one of those cutsie couple traveling blogs. We try to write not just tips and must-do’s but authentic experiences and stories we find along the way. It’s an outlet for all of our creative pursuits like writing, drawing, photography and movement.

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