Our Top 3 Abandoned Places in Berlin


You climb the fence, jump and when your feet hit the ground the dust rises and dances with the sunshine coming from a broken window. In that moment your imagination flies and you start seeing the life that those walls held. Now, they're just covered by graffitis and moisture.

Exploring an abandoned place is an adventure. Being all alone in a dark, empty and ruined part of the city, being honest, sometimes can be a bit scary. But that's what we love, right? That nervous feeling in the stomach: what's in the next room?
But of all the lost places I have been I never got the decay feeling as intense as in the places in Berlin.
The city of Berlin is the dream for the lovers of abandoned places, you can find an abandoned water park, a NSA spy station, abandoned airports,  abandoned factories even an abandoned amusement park. I bet you heard about the Spreepark and if you didn't you should Google it. The thing is, those places became so hype, so #trendyforcoolpics that a lot of them have now strong security or the feeling of 'lost' got... well, lost.
Here, I briefly talk about the three abandoned places in Berlin that I liked the most and are not yet appearing in every Instagram.

3. GDRs Embassy of Iraq
It literally seems like the people who were working on this offices, one day overturned their desks, made a fight with documents and paper work and then ran away forever. You can still see all these documents in arabic covering the floors, typing machines, the desks and the folders. It has a pretty nice terrace to chill after your exploration too.
Its history is what makes this place especially fascinating. It's abandonded since 1991, and while the most dangerous thing you'll find there now is a hipster armed with his analog camera, years ago there have been rumours that there were storing bombs in the basement. Until this day, it still is property of Iraq.

2. Old meat factory
The wind was blowing hard and a bit of rain started to hit the broken windows covered with wooden plates. We couldn't find an entry to the main building so we started exploring outside and in a corner we saw a hole. We sneaked in and walked with the cellphone light because it was completely dark. The light revealed some clothes, spray cans and a saw. We found stairs and followed them up.
Suddenly it wasn't dark anymore. It was blue.


3. Bärenquell Brewery
One of my favourites. We saw it from the outside while walking the area and exclaimed at the same time: "EPIIIIC!" So we found a way in and arrived in a huge industrial complex, impossible to explore in one day. The atmosphere there is all you are looking for in a good abandoned place and also rooms and rooms with great streetart pieces. But the best is the tower. We found the way up and followed till the top, where we discovered a great view of the skyline of Berlin. We watched the sunset, had a beer and enjoyed the peace of this place.


If you have the chance to visit one of these places, don't be scared and do it!

Have a nice exploration!

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